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Jeff & Karen


Invite you to a family &

wedding adventure

North Bass Island State Park, OH

Tues. July 25th thru Thurs. July 27th 2023

Wedding on Wed July 26th, 2023


How it all Happened

Back in 2018 Jeff Liskay was sure he'd never marry again and Karen Madachik was pretty sure she would never get married- EVER. Their paths crossed occasionally at local fly shops where she was trying to learn to swing a fly and catch anything on a fly rod. She'd see him pop in her Chagrin Falls fly shop to make presentations and knew all the guys called him the swinging guru.  And although she thought he was ruggedly handsome, when the guys at the fly shop wanted to become match makers and start fixing her up with guys they knew, she had already proclaimed; "I will not end up with a fishing bum, please!"

Then, Cynthia Gale the owner and spiritual shaman at the Chagrin Falls crystal shop asked her a similar question in a conversation one day. In the chat she told her to sit down and write a note to herself of what traits her future mate would have, then let go and let the universe and angels take care of the rest. So that's what she did. 

please send me a man who is kind, handsome, secure, thinks I am beautiful, loves family and makes me laugh. Oh, and it would be nice if he'd take a fish off the hook for me sometimes...


The Adventure Begins Here!


Destination, North Bass Island

North Bass Island is one of the last places you can get away and it's home to all sorts of wildlife and natural beauty. It also is one of Jeff's  and now Karen's favorite area's to fish. The State recently renovated and and made available a house for rent on the island and it is only accessible by boat or plane. We've rented for the week to hang out, get married and invite you to join us! Are you up for an adventure?

The Lake House is a sportsman style, fully furnished house that can lodge around 12 people easily. The house comes with a golf cart to help with transport from the boat dock and airport, some kayaks and bikes. We will have access to 1 dock during our stay so we will bring our boat if weather allows.

Staying on the island is like "glamping". We will need to bring all the food and supplies we need because there are no stores. The lodge does have power, air conditioning and wi-fi from what we've been told.

Tentative Itinerary

Join us anytime July 25th thru 27th. 

Tuesday July, 25th

Arrive by boat: pick up time and location TBD. or by plane based on your arranged schedule. Destination; North Bass Island.

A golf cart will be working back and forth for transfers to the house.

Tuesday evening- family dinner

Wednesday July, 26th

Any late arrivals by plane?

All day-Have fun!

Kayaking, fishing with Jeff and Karen, hang out at the beach or explore.

Family "activity" pictures.

Early evening- Celebrate our wedding with us at the Lake House.

Dinner to follow after.

Thursday July, 27th

Family breakfast

Depart by boat or plane around noon from North Bass Island back to civilization.

Playlist videos

Playlist videos

Set the Mood

Help us set the right mood by suggesting some songs for the Wednesday night Playlist. As as many as you want or come back as often as you'd like. We'll try to share some we receive here if we can.

Song Suggestions for Wed night

Start your Packing

Hoping to celebrate with you!

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