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The Skinny

Here's a run-down of info for any of you detail oriented folks that want to know more before you go on the the where, why and who for what is going on for the week.

Directions to North Bass Island

Main land departure 

Erie Ottawa Airport is located in Port Clinton and the private ferry departure will be in Marblehead, Ohio. This is a approximately a 15 minute drive between the locations.

Travel to and from the Island

Those of you traveling by boat will travel with Jeff's good friend and Walleye Captain Jerry Able for Tuesday and Thursday. Meet at the location I shared and Jerry will provide a location for car parking and everything else.

For those traveling by plane, please meet at Erie Ottawa Airport in advance of the times I have provided. Your seats are reserved on both Tuesday and Thursday with Fly Griffing. 

Travel Schedule

Boat Ferry

  • Tuesday July 25th: meet at 2:00pm for departure from Marblehead location.

  • Thursday July 27th: departure at 1:00pm from North Bass Island planned.

Flights with Fly Griff

  • Flight schedules will be communicated based on what we've arranged.

Communication while on North Bass Island

Jeff has experienced that he loses cell & text service while he's fishing around the islands. Jerry has shared his experience is service around the Island towers in that area is "intermittent". Please be aware of this as you leave home. The Lake House does have wi-fi service, so internet and email service should be available.

What to pack

Bring active clothes: UV protective clothing, raincoat, sunscreen, hat, hiking sandals, comfy clothes, or anything else you need to be comfortable for what you want to do or just hanging around; however please try not to overpack. The house is not close to the dock or airport so everything (people, luggage and supplies) has to be moved by a single golf cart. 

We will be bringing all the food and having Chef Tyler Rolan join us to help with meals.

Attire for the Wedding Day

For the wedding day on Wednesday, plan ahead because our family wedding pictures will be fun activity pictures before the ceremony with our photographer Chris Bennett. You can check out his page below to get an idea of what we mean. For the wedding day and ceremony, the groom will be in his Patagonia best, of course! So summer informal attire please! Break out your old board shorts, vintage summer t-shirts and fishing shirts. Our dinners will be equally informal, but feeling like dressing up? A polo with shorts or comfy beach dress will do nicely.  Please do not feel the need to buy anything new to wear on our account, in fact we love retro/vintage clothing! Feel free to indulge in all your sentimental, vintage, favorites. 

Playlist Suggestions


Your Island Mates

If you say yes to this adventure you will join this small, but fabulous tribe.

Sorry- no voting anyone off the island.

  • Jeff Liskay- the groom.

  • Karen Madachik- the bride.

  • Ashley Wangler- Jeff's niece and the officiant who will marry us!

  • Chris Bennett- Photographer. We found Chris when we first were considering getting married in Maine.

  • Tyler Rolan- Chef. Jeff met Tyler in Alaska where he was the Chef for the lodge where Jeff has hosted trips for years. We recently also had him as the Chef for a Steelhead School last fall and Karen was impressed watching him pick up and smell every veggie and fruit as he shopped pre-event. He's stayed at the condo, is a sweet guy, his food is awesome and we know you will love him. Bring stretchy clothes.

And... hopefully joining
  • Ed Madachik & Barb Madachik- Karen's father and step mother.

  • Eric Madachik- Karen's brother. 

  • Derek & Jessica Howell- Jeff's kids

  • Monica Nist- Jeff's cousin.

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